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  • 1) Attending VUW Graduation Ceremony - Dec 2012
  • 2) Work harder during my final year at IPSAH
  • 3) Gain higher salary
  • 4) Buy a big house for my family
  • 5) Bring my family to Mecca for HAJI
  • 6) Getting married
  • 7) Get involved in farming
  • 8) Wanna have a tiger as a pet
  • 9) Owner of a well-known restaurant ''BuBu In De HouSE''

Saturday, July 19, 2008

''Thanks ALLAH foR giviNG bACk My BeStFRienD''

To Be Frank, dEEp in my heart i feel very grateful to ALLAH because he's giving back my bestfriend....before this, i thought that we will never have chances to strengthen our, i know, why ALLAH gave us lots of obstacles in our friendship..He wants us to be more tolerate with each other..we must not hide our secret from others...if we have problems, we must share it with others..i have nothing else to say..i hope that our friendship will last long and able to cheer up our life....INSYA-ALLAH...

True friends are for life
Until the end
They're more than special
They're your bestest friends.

They're the ones you can go to
When you're in despair
The ones that'll help you
Even when you got gum in your hair!

They're the ones who'll laugh
And go laughing with you all through the night
The ones who'll help you
Help you with all their might

To have a good friend
You have to be one
So be nice to one another
So you can be friends forever
And that\'s how to be the best friend you can be.

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QisTina said...

~You such a good friend...
~They're so lucky to have u as their frens..
~Anyway,really like your blog..
~So cute..hihi..