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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


P/s: Khas buat mereka yang lupa nak baca cerita ni dalam English bulletin.

Sadness…regret…disappointment… These emotions come to mind when I recall my best friend, Khairunnisa. We had been best friends since primary school. Life was cheerier with her. She would spend much of her leisure time on weekends with me. Whenever she had problems, I would be the first person she’d call.

“Hello Farid, are you free now? I’ve got a big problem. I don’t know what to do. Can we meet now?’’ Nisa would sob.

“Ok, just don’t be sad, Nisa. I’ll try my best to solve your problem. Remember, your problem is my problem too!’’ I’d console her.

There, in a scenic park of our village, we’d sit together and try to find a solution to the problem. Whatever knowledge or problems we had were shared. There were no secrets kept between us, so strong was our bond of friendship. However, after twelve years of being the best of friends, our relationship began to unexplainably have many problems. I had never expected that our seemingly infallible relationship could become so strained.

One day, I bought a pair of tickets for the two of us to watch a romantic movie titled ‘’A Walk to Remember’’ casting Shane West and Mandy Moore. However, she had been unable to accompany me.

“Hi Nisa, are you free this weekend?’’ I asked her.
“Oh, I’m sorry Farid, I had planned with my cousin, Saiful to watch a movie ‘A Walk to Remember’,” she replied unaware.
“Well then, it’s ok. I hope you enjoy your weekend!” I faked my cheerfulness.

During that time, only God knew in what state my heart was. In order to mask my sadness, I invited a junior who was close to me, Suzy, to go with me to the cinema. We met Nisa there. She looked very shocked to see Suzy beside me.
“Hi Nisa,’’ I tried to smile even though I knew that it was a cynical one. She gave no reply and left, her hand wrapped around her cousin’s. I had never expected that the seemingly harmless decision I made would give such a big impact on the relationship between Khairunnisa and me. From that moment onwards, she refused to talk or look at me, even to give a smile. She gave no explanations.

Two weeks later, I was enlightened by my classmate, Soleha, on her sudden coldness towards me. One of the juniors named Salih had told Khairunnisa a lot of bad things about me. He told her that I couldn’t be trusted because I had told her secrets to other people. He also said that I wasn’t a good person because I always did many bad things like smoking. He even made up a story that I had a date with Suzy. She was very angry when she heard all those stories about me. At that moment, I realized that she had actually been in love with me.

I tried to call her and sent a message to her phone. She did not reply my message or answer the phone. When I went to her house, her mother said that she refused to hear my explanation and warned me not to see her again because I was a liar. Oh God, how could she accuse me as such? What’s worse was that she had broken the relationship we had built since primary school!

About a year later, I got a letter from her saying she wanted to meet me at our usual place. Without thinking further, I agreed. There, she wished to say she was sorry about the tragedy that broke the relationship we had built for years. She regretted her misunderstanding about me – Soleha had told her the true situation between Suzy and me, and that Khairunnisa and I were more than friends. But it was too late for her to regret the damage she had caused me. Before I left, I gave her one valuable advice. It sounds like this:

“Because of the bad things you heard from strangers about me without discussing it with me, you easily forgot the strong bond of friendship that we had built for 12 years - Do remember my advice: ‘True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost’. I think that this is the end of our relationship. I hope that you will be able to find a better guy than me to be your life-partner.”

Thus, that was how it ended. This is based on a true story that happened to me. Since then, I have no knowledge of her. But I pray to God that one day she will meet someone better than me, someone who can be her life-partner.

Based on the true story,

(Farid @ Bubu)

12 response (s):

QisTina said...

very touching..
makes me wanna cry..huhu..
is this a true story based on your life??

just me said...

nie kali kedua ak bca n ak akui..mmg touching baca cte ko nie...

mamma mia! said...

ermmm.. sedih nye.. =(

FaRiD_Aziz89 said...

kalau korang rase sedih...

aku lagi lah...

susah untuk aku lupakan dia..

tapi alhamdulillh..

kehadiran si DIA yg baru...

membuatkan aku jadi tenang..

semoga berkekalan...


just me said...

SI DIA? wahh...

adawiah.zaini said...

wow!! i wonder who's the new one? rahsia ye..kantoi

[z@ck] said...

kesian ang naa..
tp xpe..skang ang dah ad pengganti kan..
moga bahagia dgn si dia ok..

just me said...

semoga kekal ke akhirnye...=)

just me said...

anda telah di tag - sila layari blog saye untuk mendapatkan award anda

Hannanika Chan said...

hai farid :)
the ups and downs in life we cannot really avoid.
that's the beauty of life.
life IS a drama.
and you're in it.

experiences especially bad ones are always the turning point in life, making you a much better person.

life's life.
live it! :)

haruka said...

farid u already got a come u didnt tell me..btw ples online 24 hrs ur skype..lots of things 2 talk wif u

infinity1811 said...

waa....bubu da de gf baru....habis madu sepah di buang...wuwuwu~